April 26, 2018

Water heating installation and repair

The water heater is an important part of your home water system. It helps ensure that you and your family need not bath in cold water.  The heating system is also a very common component of any home in Singapore today. This is because of the affordable price of most heating system.

Our plumbing company provides both repair services and installation service for your home water heater.

Common repair work for water heater that we provide includes:

  1. No hot water
  2. Low water pressure
  3. Electricity Trip
  4. Water being discharged is too hot
  5. Leak in pipe or heater tank.
  6. Rusty / Dirty Water supply
  7. Noise coming out from heater

For water heater installation, we provide common household brands such as Jovan, 707, Ariston, Rheem, Champs, Regal.

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Which type of water heater to install – Storage or Instant?

This would depend on the usage and consumption of hot water in your home. Generally, if you need hot water in both the toilets and your sink taps, it is advisable to install a tank type storage heater. 1 30 liter tank might suffice the entire consumption. In comparison on average, you would need 1 instant heater per water point. As such, you would need 3 €“ 4 instant heater in the above same case.

What to note when installing the water heater

Beside the type of heater to consider, you must test your heater after the installation is done. Some points you may want to take note when doing the installation includes the water pressure being dispensed after the installation. This is because a bad installation can cause lower water volume being discharged in your shower. Another point to ensure is that the new heating system does not trip the house electricity.

What about the warranty?

The heater warranty comes along with the heater and is under the cover of the manufacturer. What most singapore plumber company do cover is the labor warranty such as the heating system piping and installation work.

Which plumbing service should we engage?

The heating system is an important part of your home. As such do find a plumber that you can trust to undertake the installation or repair work of your heater so as to avoid further problems in the heating system. Always find a plumbing service company that can provide you with a workmanship warranty.

Our company provides a warranty period of 30 days minimum for all workmanship done.

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